Inventory Process

The general steps taken before, during, & after a comprehensive inventory are as follows:

Contact Us

We will discuss your home/business and go over pre-visit questions to better determine your needs. Schedule your Inventory Documentation Appointment. We do offer appointments in the evening and on weekends for your convenience.

Upon arrival for your scheduled appointment, we will request a walk-through or your home. We will ask that you point out items of interest, such as collectibles, items in storage areas, etc... This will provide an opportunity to get to know us and give you a comfort level with having us in your home. The walk-through will also provide us with a better feel for your home contents, the level of detail required and the estimated time required.

The Inventory

We begin the recording process by going room to room, photographing

and recording the details of your belongings (serial numbers, descriptions, etc…). You may be involved as much or as little as you like, although, we do encourage client participation to ensure maximum accuracy. You can help provide the item values as we go or we can sit down following the inventory. We do require you to be present during the documentation

of jewelry and any other small, high-priced items you may want us to document.

Once the interior inventory has been completed, we will photograph

the exterior of your home. At this point, if you have any outbuildings, we will check the time to ensure that we can complete an inventory of your garage and/or shed.

Final Package

Following your on-site inventory we will take the recorded data back to our office, upload the photos, and update our secure business software. We will then create your comprehensive inventory package containing printed reports, and Client Information Package. Any private information that we have on paper will either be shredded or provided to you in your package.


Once your inventory package is ready, we will call to set up an appointment and personally deliver it to your home. We'll review the package, which typically takes approximately 15 minutes and collect the final payment. It typically takes 3 business days to prepare your final package following the on-site inventory.


You will have 14 days to review the reports and inform us of any corrections that need to be made. After 14 days a small fee will apply to perform any updates to your inventory.

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