Pre-Inventory Tips

Please review our helpful tips to ensure an efficient inventory process:

• Computers, printers, appliances, televisions and other electronics should be ready to pull out in order to photograph and document serial/model numbers. Receipts showing serial/model numbers of these items is also sufficient for documentation.

• Smaller kitchen appliances in cupboards, such as, mixers, blenders, choppers, skillets, etc, should be removed in order for us to accurately document and photograph.

• Closets should be accessible with clothing and linens ready for pictures. In regard to clothing, we respect your privacy and will only inventory items you wish to include. We encourage you to include any expensive suits, dresses, coats, etc..., as insurance companies prefer to have full documentation.

• If you opt to inventory everything in your garage, basement, attic, and storage rooms, they must be neat and fairly organized in order for us to photograph and accurately inventory items. Items in boxes will not be removed by us therefore, they will not be documented.

• We will record all vehicles, trailers, riding & push mowers, etc. on the property. Any items you have off-site will not be included but we can arrange to add off-site items at a later date.

• Special collections will be photographed and documented as a group unless otherwise specified. Please have any special collections out and ready.

• Fine china/silverware will be photographed in a single place setting. Each piece will then be counted individually and entered into the quantity fields of our software. Please have a single place setting out and ready.

• Your homeowner insurance information, such as company name, contact info, policy number, etc., can optionally be included in your reports. Please have those documents available for review.